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Vision And Mission

At Primary Water Resources our mission is to secure clean sustainable water resources.  

We work with private land-owners, municipalities,  and government agencies to help supplement current water supplies.

Through our partnerships with leading water and soil remediation companies we can clean soil and water resources.  

We fund these projects through the generation of solid investment opportunities.

The goal of these efforts is to generate long term water stability and access to to clean affordable water.


Our Commitment To Community

This letter of recommendation shall confirm the character and abilities of Mike Page whom I had the distinct pleasure to meet in 1991.  At that time I was the General Manager of Valley-Wide Recreation & Park District in San Jacinto, California.  A major community project was underway to develop a youth sports park on a fifteen acre parcel.  Water connection fees exceeding $72,000 became a major stumbling block when Mike Page approached us with a solution to our problem.  Mike researched the site and recommended a location to drill a well that he estimated would generate between two to three thousand gallons per minute.  Upon hearing this the Park District negotiated an agreement with the City of Hemet to drill a well on our site and to provide the park with free water in perpetuity in addition to paying the Park District for water pumped into the city’s system.


Now some twenty six years later I am retired and the youth sports park continues to benefit from Mike’s expertise and knowledge of subsurface water. This Park was not the only Park that benefitted from Mike.  A ten acre park in Aguanga, California also benefited from his knowledge of land masses and location of another very successful well in an area not known for an abundance of water.  I might add the Park District served an 800 square mile service area and the District resources relied on community fund raisers and volunteers.  Once again Mike stepped up and saved a project that otherwise would not be built.  Cottonwood Park was built in 1996 and continues to serve the remote area well thanks to the water Mike located. These examples are the best exhibits of Mike’s keen sense of water resources where others will scoff at his recommendations.  I can honestly state that Mike was a tremendous resource to the Park District and me personally.  I highly recommend Mike Page for any position related to water and land use. Sincerely Samuel W. Goepp,



“Andrea constantly amazes me – her boundless energy, astounding intellect, and dedication to building a better world through effective, scientifically-based programs that better the ocean through integrative, multi-sector, collaborative programs. I am honored to consider Andrea a close friend and colleague and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Alissa Sears

VP Strategy & Navigation, Christie & Co.

“Mike’s explanation of the distribution of water on the earth’s surface, in the soil, and underlying rock formations gave me the confidence to drill a new well. I no longer had to guess where to drill the well. I had the well drilled at the depth and location Mike indicated and the water was where he said it would be.

I was pleased with Mike’s work and I am happy to recommend his services.”

J. Lee

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