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A Triathlete’s Relationship with Water #2

A Triathlete's Relationship with Water Part II: The Bike Introduction I first learned to ride a bike as a kid, riding a Schwinn Pixie, complete with a basket and the streamers on the ends of the handle bars. I rode that around the neighborhood, to school and even to...

A Triathlete’s Relationship with Water #1

Part 1 – The Swim Introduction I entered the world of triathlons 5 years ago after cheering for and supporting my husband, his friends, and his brother while they were participating in triathlons and other multi-sport races. Once I finally joined in the fun, my...

Drinking Water Toxins #3 – Atrazine

We all love our aquatic species. But fish, frogs, and other species are now struggling to live in an increasingly toxic environment. Organisms at the bottom of the food chain, such as phytoplankton, and zooplankton also face risks. One of the threats now getting some...

Drinking Water Toxins #2

What the BUZZ! How would you like it if someone spiked your morning cereal with Cyanide and put a little Arsenic in your coffee.  That's how millions of Bee's feel everyday. We have seen an alarming trend with the water samples from our Hope2o consumer product. We are...

Drinking Water Toxins #1

[powr-youtube-gallery id=2847bccd_1490744646469]For those who don't know me, my name is Dr. Andrea Neal. I have a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Lipid Biochemistry, I'm also a mom, surfer, diver, all around nature lover, and I have dedicated my life to reversing our...

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